Be Useful

For all the “authenticity” and “community” buzz words we’ve been throwing around, you may hear us telling you yesterday’s tale of being less of a brand or biz, and more of a human.

A noble sentiment when first heard, but once thought about, rather pointless. We Are all human, so encouraging more of that really isn’t the point.

How are you as a human on the internet representing your brand?  Now that’s worth contemplating. Might we suggest Social Media Explorer​’s tip, Be Useful. Be Helpful. Be Supportive.

Yes, Be Human, but be a human with expertise and authority in the area your brand exists in.



Content Marketing – getting it.

Today is now #ContentMarketingDay, at least for us. There are so many misconceptions about how it works, how it should work, ROI expectations, etc.

And we don’t blame people. Content Marketing is in many ways hardly recognizable from what “marketing” has meant for ages. In fact, its arguable its hardly marketing at all, but more of a part of the growing paradigm known as the “Gift Economy”.

Providing valuable content is a gift. What happens when someone you know is constantly giving you valuable things, which are actually helpful to your life, and in return asking for nothing? You often want to give back; you may even feel inspired to give to others yourself.

Sharing content online is a way to build relationships, to better the days of those in your online community. You’re less marketing, and more networking.

It will be very interesting to see the landscape of business change as the quality of “marketing” shifts towards genuineness and authentic connection.

+Moz​ hit the nail on the head with yesterday’s White Board Friday. Take a listen/read, and contemplate how this can shift your actions and understanding in the Content Marketing world. Hopefully it will also shed light on the immense benefits of building authority and consistency across your platforms.